Our Story

"I love to read. I’ve completed three audiobooks this week.”
That’s the millennial and GenZ speaking — ones that ‘read’ by ‘listening’, and ‘speak’ by ‘writing’. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. They’ve challenged every rule in the book and come on top, rewriting history as it is being made.

KOSCHworld is a reflection of their way of life and thinking. It connects with the millennial at a primal, action level, becoming a part of their core, individualistic culture.

KOSCH is not rooted to a particular place, idea or thought. It’s global and beyond.
As a flag bearer of a legacy eyewear company, it was only natural that KOSCH would find its way into the world through the gift of vision and sight. The name is derived from an Indian word meaning valued treasure, and its logo represents the number 8 which is considered ‘lucky’ in the orient.

Launched as recently as 2018, the brand has already made ripple waves in the eyewear fashion industry. The KOSCH story is connecting the brand experience within the millenials ecosystem, giving them exactly what they demand.

International designs at the right value — curated for the new generation of thinkers and doers. There’s no limit for achieving anything in life. This ‘always-on’ and connected lifestyle is an insight into the future. And we’re just getting started.