Find The Perfect Fit With KOSCH

Find The Perfect Fit With KOSCH

Finding the ideal pair of glasses is more than just a fashion statement—it's about achieving a comfortable fit that supports optimal vision. Poorly fitting glasses can lead to discomfort, headaches, and eye strain, making it crucial to ensure they fit just right.

Identifying Poorly Fitting Glasses

How can you tell if your glasses aren’t fitting as they should, and what steps can you take to correct it? Do not fret! The KOSCH guide will walk you through the essentials of proper glasses fit and what to do if your glasses aren’t sitting correctly.

KOSCH’s Key Aspects of Proper Glasses Fit

Nose Bridge: Glasses should rest comfortably on the bridge of your nose without pressing too hard or leaving marks.

Cheeks, Forehead, and Brow: They should not press against your cheeks, forehead, or brow and should be level with your face.

Position: Glasses should sit in a neutral position, not too far forward or back.

Comfort: Above all, glasses should be comfortable without causing any pain or discomfort.

Checklist for a Proper Fit

No Pinching: Ensure the glasses don’t pinch or dig into your nose or cheeks.

Stays in Place: They should stay in place without slipping down your nose or needing constant adjustment.

Temple Comfort: Temples should sit comfortably behind your ears without rubbing or causing pain.

Level and Straight: Glasses should sit level and straight on your face.

How Measurements Impact Fit

Glasses are crafted based on three critical measurements:

Eye Size: The width of the lenses.

Bridge Size: The width of the nose bridge.

Temple Size: The length of the arms.

These measurements influence how the glasses sit on your face and nose. Poor fit may result from discrepancies in these measurements.

Selecting Comfortable Glasses

To ensure a comfortable fit:

Facial Dimensions: Choose frames that complement your facial dimensions.

Bridge Width: Select frames with a bridge width that suits your nose shape and size.

Virtual Try-On: Use a virtual try-on tool to see how different frames look on your face and determine the best fit.

Addressing Improper Fit

If your glasses don’t fit properly, it’s best to visit an optician or eyewear specialist for adjustments. Professionals can:

Nose Pad Adjustment: Move nose pads inward or outward to improve fit.

Temple Adjustment: Bend temples for a snug fit.

Temporary At-Home Fixes

While professional adjustments are ideal, you can try these temporary fixes at home:

Loose Glasses: Apply a small amount of wax to the nose bridge or use ear hooks on the temples.

Tight Glasses: Use baby powder behind the temples to reduce rubbing or carefully loosen the hinges.


By following KOSCH’s comprehensive guide, you can ensure your glasses fit perfectly, enhancing both your comfort and vision. With the perfect pair of glasses, you'll enjoy improved vision, greater comfort, and a stylish look that complements your unique style. Trust KOSCH to help you find the ideal fit, so you can see and feel your best every day.