Grandpa Core: Where Vintage Meets Cool

Grandpa Core: Where Vintage Meets Cool

Revive the charm of yesteryears with classic glasses that redefine style.

TikTok's latest micro-trend suggests that we all have an inner octogenarian eager to make an appearance. Welcome to "Grandpa Core."

So, what defines Grandpa Core? Imagine loafers, V-neck sweaters, muted-tone cardigans, and exceptionally oversized blazers. To accessorise, grab a hand-knitted beanie or a cap acquired during a holiday—Grandpa tends to accumulate clothing, rather than intentionally shop for himself. And, of course, don't overlook the essential finishing touch – eyewear. 'Grandpa glasses' typically embody a vintage or retro style, reminiscent of eyewear popular in past decades and still cherished by older generations.

As the fascination with all things octogenarian grows, let's help you find the perfect glasses to perfectly embody the eclectic Grandpa Core style.

Paving the way to Grandpa Core, these are the perfect glasses to embrace the charm and channel the 'out-there' trend…

If oversized isn't your vibe, mastering the grandpa core look doesn't always demand going big and bold. Sometimes, the perfect way to enhance your outfit is with a sleeker, thinner frame like these…

For those aiming to embrace the grandpa core aesthetic, channelling the Atoll, Benijo, Agremni, Matapalo glasses is the way to go.



Grandpa Core isn't confined to the gents; it's a fashion phenomenon embraced by trendsetting females too. Breaking free from conventional norms, women are embracing the Grandpa Core trend with grace and flair.

The typical styles feature classic shapes like aviators, rounds, or squares, often with thicker rims. Think tortoiseshell patterns or metallic accents when envisioning Grandpa Core. In 2024, it's where classic meets cool.