Revamp Your Style With Viva Magenta!

Revamp Your Style With Viva Magenta!

Prepare to dive into an enchanting palette that will elevate your wardrobe and redefine your fashion game. Among a dazzling array of bold and pastel shades, Viva Magenta stands out, promising to revamp your style. This vibrant hue, a fusion of red and purple, radiates confidence and creativity.

It's Pantone's definition of vivacity, ensuring you shine. Viva Magenta encourages you to celebrate life and boldly express your unique personality through your eyewear choices, whether you prefer eyeglasses or sunglasses. Energise your wardrobe with this captivating color trend!  

KOSCH: Your guide to the electrifying colour!

Stay Ahead in the Fashion Game

In the realm of fashion, staying on top of your game is a testament to your style prowess. It's about embracing your unique identity and effortlessly fusing it with the latest fashion and color trends. This year's showstopper, Viva Magenta, offers an opportunity to make an unforgettable fashion statement.

For men, consider KOSCH's Nido KST 22830 (S) C3 geometric sunglasses with brown lenses, or for a chic and glamorous look, opt for KOSCH women's Burleigh KSB 23823 A22 flattering aviator sunglasses in dark brown.

For a subtle and smart look, women can consider the KOSCH Lucia KFA 22602 C4 cateye eyeglasses, while men can opt for the stylish Finn KFA 22607 C33 geometric eyeglasses.

Unlocking Viva Magenta's Versatility

Viva Magenta isn't just a colour; it's a statement. Its remarkable versatility seamlessly blends with both formal and casual ensembles, instantly transforming them into expressions of individuality. 

Moreover, this enchanting hue complements an extensive range of skin tones and face shapes, enhancing natural beauty. It warms cool undertones and illuminates warm complexions, creating a harmonious balance. Consider trying KOSCH's Udrigle KST 23805 C2, frames with golden strokes in vivid maroon, or KOSCH's Durban KSB 23816 A22, eye-catching acetate frames in magenta purple for a transformative eyewear experience.

Prepare to inject an electrifying sparkle into your eyewear collection with the dazzling shades of Viva Magenta. Elevate your eyewear game this season with our wide selection of frames and designs inspired by the Pantone colour. Pair them with your casual outfits or formal attire to confidently stand out from the crowd. Viva Magenta is your ticket to a  vibrant self-expression through colour and style.